What is… Notices of the AMS?

100_7002fixedI really enjoy the Notices of the AMS “What is…?” articles. They are generally brief perfunctory definitions and material aimed at mathematicians outside of the fields described. I enjoy them for gaining some breadth before diving into articles outside of my repertoire. Here are a list of highlights relating to AT, because they’re a fun place to start reading about these topics.

Equivariant Cohomology– Loring W. Tu

an Infinity Category– Jacob Lurie

a Linear Algebraic Group– Skip Garibaldi

Persistent Homology– Shmuel Weinberger

an Operad– Jim Stasheff

a Projective Structure– William M. Goldman

a Legendrian Knot– Joshua M. Sabloff

a Perverse Sheaf– Mark Andrea de Cataldo and Luca Migliorini

a Stack– Dan Edidin

a Derived Stack– Gabriele Vezzosi